Observance of International AIDS Day

International AIDS Day takes place on the 1st December each year. The day is dedicated to raise awareness on the HIV/AIDS and to unite the world in the fight against HIV. Good health is essential to the development of the nation. Nations overall wealth is healthy citizens, as human resources they contribute to socio-economic development. Healthy mind and healthy body expected to have a favorable effect on development through healthy participation and engagement in a decision-making process. HIV is directly linked to health and also a curse to the development of a nation.
The lower (economic) section of our society is likely to be less educated and less aware of all diseases. HIV/AIDs awareness is less among them, which can be a negative aspect of development. Healthy mind lives in healthy body focusing this GEDY has also taken part in this novel cause and target those section of society who are daily wage workers, housekeepers. Grassroot Empowerment and Development by Youth organized two awareness camps, one for housekeeping staffs of RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur and second for labourers at a NBCC Construction Site in Sriperumbudur. Almost 100 Participants participated in both the programme. They were made aware on AIDS, What is it? How it spreads? Precautions? Treatments and some myths.

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