Launching : Series Of “One Day Regional Workshop On Youth And Democracy”

Hello World,

Youth are the architects of our future. They are the one who will carry the core values of New India to future generations. The future of Indian Democracy will depend on how they are involved with it. Young people have much to offer societies –from innovation to creativity to new thinking. Their participation in democracy promotes active citizenship, strengthens social responsibility and can enhance democratic processes and institutions. And today’s young citizens are tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers.

Yet young people’s engagement with democracy faces significant challenges – threatening the future of healthy democracies.

Being a youth led and youth-centric organization, we are committed to work for Youth empowerment. Further We’re also committed to promote participatory democracy in India. Promoting Participatory Democracy and Youth Development are two of our 7 core areas of working.

We are coming with a series of “One Day Regional Workshops on Youth and Democracy”. We will be interacting with youths in various colleges and universities from Jammu & Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, and From Arunachal Pradesh to Rajasthan.

Why this workshop ?

  • To understand the Youth Perception on Democracy.
  • To engage, enable and empower Youth.
  • To help Youth in understanding their role in Democracy.
  • To promote the idea of non-violence and peace in Democracy.
  • To gather inputs from Youth for improvement of Indian Democracy.

So, Be Ready, Open up your Mind & Mouth and Shout Loud. We’re coming…….

For further details, contact:

Ms. Priya Arasu T : | 9650672598

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