Cleanliness Campaign At Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Hi, We’re excited to share our first ever activity with you all. Yes, our journey begins. We successfully conducted a “Cleanliness Campaign” at Sriperumbudur Bus Station in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. The activity started with a 3 KM long rally march from RGNIYD to Sriperumbudur Bus Station with a small band of highly motivated youth. We appeared there as flashmob and started cleaning all the premises. Then we gathered people and performed skit to make them aware on why and how to keep public places clean. We interacted with nearby shops and motivated them to keep their surroundings clean.

And you know what?? 

We got our first sponsorship during this activity. Yes! Owner of a shop in bus stand premise, sponsored on-spot refreshments for our team. This tells that people are there to support you in every means, if your intentions are good.

We cannot explain the happiness and satisfaction we got from this activity. In extent of reach, scale or budget, this activity was quite small, but it was like Himalaya for us. This activity pumped us with loads of motivation.

Thanks. Keep Supporting us.