Awareness Programme on Adolescent Health and Hygiene

Grassroot Empowerment and Development by Youth (GEDY) organized an awareness programme on Adolescent Health and Hygiene at Government higher secondary school, Vellalore, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu-641111. The major objective of the programme is to spread awareness among adolescent under the age group of 11-16 of age regarding the personal and environmental health and hygiene. The programme was conducted by providing an introduction interactive section on the health and hygiene practices of the adolescent girls in the day to day life. And followed by demonstrating the hygiene practices and methods such as usage and disposal of the sanitary napkins, how to use an incubator for disposing the pads. Also the nutritional awareness for the adolescent was been given regarding the proper diet, nutritious intake of food, sleeping pattern ,personal care, and myths and truths regarding the health and hygiene practices adolescents follow. The programme concentrated on educating and spreading menstrual hygiene and the environmental effects on the health and hygiene of an individual, causes and precautions that can be taken. Concluded with the quiz round of the random picked students and questioning for the previous discussed topics. Total 56 participants have participated, who were given certificates and snacks at the end of the programme.

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